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  1. Remove the sterile telfa bandage 2 hours after you leave the studio. It is not necessary to apply another bandage.
  2. Wipe off excess A&D ointment with a piece of sterile gauze or cotton. Apply a light film of A&D ointment 3 to 4 times daily for the following week.
  3. A protective scab will form on your tattoo about 2 days after you leave the studio. It is very important not to pick or tamper with it. It is there for your protection and will fall off by itself after six or seven days.
  4. Keep your tattoo as dry as possible while it is healing. Wash the tattoo gently when you bathe. Blot it dry. Do not let the force of water from a shower spray directly on the tattoo. Do not soak the scab off when bathing.
  5. Keep your tattoo out of the sun while it is healing. A sunburned tattoo is hard to heal and may leave your tattoo with a dull lifeless look.
  6. Avoid salt water and stay out of chlorine pools. If you must go swimming in fresh water please use your towel to carefully blot your tattoo dry. Place the towel on the tattoo and press gently for about a minute.
  7. If you work around grease or oils or otherwise rough work be sure to wear a garment that is heavy enough to protect the tattoo while it is healing.

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